Phone Compatibility

Golf GPS mobile phones

CaddyAid Mobile is designed to work with any reasonably modern phone that supports Java and has an internal GPS receiver.

If your phone is a mainstream phone with an internal GPS such as a Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony Ericsson etc then you should be fine, as compatability is virtually gauranteed (Note Blackberry Storm does not work with CAM). If you are unsure if your phone is compatable, simply register, and download the free software allowing you to try before you buy.

Golf GPSi for the I Phone

If you have an I Phone, then CaddyAid Mobile WILL NOT work. However, we do have a fantastic new application called Golf GPSi. Please click on the I Tunes logo above.

Golf GPS for HTC

CaddyAid Mobile does not work on devices that use Windows Mobile as an operating system. Devices such as HTC need to download a different piece of software called CaddyAid.

Golf GPS for Bluetooth

CaddyAid Mobile version 2 is only available on phones which have an inbuilt GPS facility. It is NOT compatable with phones requiring a Bluetooth device for GPS connectivity.